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You could be forgiven for not anticipating Super Tsar. 

In 2019, an atmospheric drummer from Baltimore (Ryan Sterner), an acoustic loop-master singer-songwriter from Geneva (Toby May) and a folk-rocker from Melbourne (Greg Arnold) got together for a session.

Nobody had a plan, they just plugged in and got started.

Two hours later they had something; a spontaneous power pop trio and they were just as surprised as anybody.

With Teenage Fanclub, Matthew Sweet and The Beatles as guiding stars they have nearly completed a debut album, AND they have even managed to smash out a couple of gigs between intercontinental lockdowns.

It's all loud and proudly trashy but ultimately, it's the melodies that win the day.


So check out for the debut single "When Robbie Comes Round",  available wherever you get yo power pop kicks at:

and the second single "I Will Be There"

And thanks to Oscar Galt for this awesome clips.

Long Live the Tsar!


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