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Greg is also an academic, songwriting lecturer and workshop facilitator. He has a PhD in music performance and composition from the Tasmanian Conservatorium which has been published (along with an album of the demos and the finished album of The Swamp Dandies' Fall) by Australian Academic Press.

Contact Greg about any academic work, songwriting workshops and skype tutorials at:


"A Creative Life" TedX HSG (St Gallen, Switzerland) Nov 16, 2019 (Video April 7,2020)   

What was I Thinking: Inside the Composition of an Acoustic Pop Album. Australian Academic Press. 2017.

"The deal", "Until you fall" and "The Whiskey Tango" (lyrics as poems) in Crane, Michael and Fiona Stuart (eds.)  The Paradise Anthology 5. Melbourne: Independent Publication. 2012.

"The End of the Pat" Inpress. Melbourne. 2003.

"Silent no longer" (Lyric as poem). Alternative Voices, Rolling Stone (Australia). July. ​1994.

Past songwriting students include Alexander Biggs, Danika, Amy Findlay (Stonefield), Shannen James, Zack Buchanan (The Outdoor Type), Leah Senior, Domini Forster and Georgia Fields. 

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